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Hello! I am Dan Shearer and this is my CV-and-more website.
Public key Fingerprint: 9B3F 89CB 4A18 CC74 411A B954 D979 BC71 65D5 7936
Public key stored on this server

My classical CV PDF has the usual brief introduction and career highlights.

For more details, I have organised the work I love the most in two ways:

A List of topics, sorted by the headings such as "Open Source Software", or "Privacy"
A Category View organised by tags, where each piece of work has several tags such as "Time-shifting" or "Privacy". I'm not actually sure if this is useful, but it looks nifty.

Right now in 2024 I am employed by the [IT Innovation at the University of Southampton, England] working on software to analyse risk in health and security including related to AI. I am continuing with the LumoSQL and Medical Snapshot System projects, with occasional investment analysis and cybersecurity contract.

Thanks for looking, and I welcome any feedback.